The multi-family market is absolutely ON FIRE! 

From full-time investors to first-time buyers, everyone loves the opportunity that multi-family homes present. The time is NOW to get in on this, but you MUST have an agent who understands the multi-market to WIN!

The following list of properties represents some of the best investment opportunities not only in Bucks County but the entire Delaware Valley. 

One of the toughest parts of getting into the rental market is knowing what to purchase and finding the financing to make it happen. We work in partnership with lenders that specialize in investments. We can walk you through the process and help you find the right fit for your personal investment strategy.

We have come up with this list by evaluating the proven strategies that have worked for our clients over the past decade. All of them have at least 3 units which helps the life time occupancy strategy. If you are READY to discuss multi-family homes and their investment potential or set up a showing of one of these great homes, please contact us today here.

Property 1

This 3 unit property has an excellent location in Pipersville. Just off of Rt 611 on a quiet country road. Over the last 13 years the property has run at an 95%+ occupancy rate. There are 5 garages on the property and this scenario makes it unique and easy to rent.  All tenants currently under 1 year leases. It's in excellent shape and has a Cap Rate of 8.64. The net profit is $40K+.  

Property 2

Another 3 unit property. This one has a lower entry price but all of the tenants are on month to month leases. There are no pictures online. If you take a look on the satellite you can see that it is surrounded by industrial but walking distance to the river.  Cap Rate of 12.76. The net profit is just under $32K. 

Property 3

A 4 unit property. Love this location walking distance to the park. The property has a mix of month to month and tenants under lease.  It has been up for sale for over a year so this may be one that you could try and make a deal on. The better the purchase price equates to a higher cap rate in the future. Cap Rate of 6.61. The net profit is $26K+. 

Property 4

This 3 unit property has been on the market for awhile. Unfortunately the occupancy information says that two of the units are vacant and one is up in March of 2017. It could be an error and there may be month to month leases in place.  Cap Rate of 8.30. The net profit is $21K+. 

You can find all of the latest Bucks County multi-family listings here.

Think about it first. Here are some other questions:

  • Have you ever been a landlord?
  • Have you ever done repairs on a property?
  • Do you like to work on your own property?
  • Do you know how to hold the security deposit?